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If you’ve read my story here, you can see what writing has done for me. I emerged from hardship to see that I am not what has happened to me. I am something greater. I took the pen back to reclaim the truth of my story – which is that I am strong and real and flawed but also kind and loved and beautifully broken.

I think all of us display these traits when we get down to the truth of the matter. And writing can help you get there. There is a powerful alchemy that happens when we write our stories and even more so when we share them. It can change your life.

Copy of I am the only one who can tell the story of my life and say what it means.

I created a 5-week online writing workshop to help others find the truth of their own stories and desires and move them toward clarity and empowerment.

Your enrollment gives you

  • a self-paced course based in solid, research-supported therapeutic writing
  • weekly emails from me to give you tips and encouragement as you write
  • tools of self-discovery you can use again and again in the face of future challenges
  • goal-setting activities that enable you to manifest your true desires as you move forward
  • one consultation with me to help you revise your writing for publication if you choose
  • the opportunity to publish on my forthcoming collective blog if you desire

This is not created solely for anyone who imagines herself a “serious writer” … whatever that means. My students are from all walks of life and experiences. A writer is anyone who makes the time and space available in her life to use this as a tool of self-discovery. We all have stories to tell, and the value lies in the revealing of them and what that in turn reveals to us.

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I’m excited to further a community of storytellers and show you what writing can do for you. Come join me!

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