Work with Me

I currently offer editing and writing coaching services with clients via phone or Skype (or in person if you are near Atlanta). Email me if you are interested in collaborating in this way. I can make suggestions for revision if you are working on preparing a work for publication. Or I can pass along the writing prompts and exercises that have brought so much growth to me in my own seasons of struggle if you are simply using writing to gain a clearer sense of your own identity and clarify your goals.


I’ve also developed a 5-week online course for individuals who want to find clarity and empowerment in the truth of their own stories.

Writing Workshops (2)

Your enrollment gives you

  • a self-paced course based in solid, research-supported therapeutic writing
  • weekly emails from me to give you tips and encouragement as you write
  • tools of self-discovery you can use again and again in the face of future challenges
  • goal-setting activities that enable you to manifest your true desires as you move forward
  • one consultation with me to help you revise your writing for publication if you choose



Whether I work with them one-one-one or as part of the structured online course, my clients are from all walks of life and experiences. You do not have to have intentions for publication to find immense value in the act of writing itself. A writer is simply anyone who makes the time and space available in her life to use this as a tool of self-discovery. We all have stories to tell, and the value lies in what those narratives can reveal to us as we write them.

There is a powerful alchemy that happens when we write our stories and even more so when we share them. It can change your life.

Contact me for more details. Mamathereader (at)