a visit with Santa

We went to see Santa on Monday.  Jude was super bashful, but I think he soon realized that he needed to chat with the big man and impress him if he wanted those presents.

Some of these pictures really make me laugh.




And then poor little Norah. This Santa thing is pretty weird and scary when you really stop to think about it. She cried for a minute and then warmed up. We got some classic photos.




We even got a couple of cheesy ones with the whole family.


Jude is asking for a violin and “pirate stuff.” Occasionally he will add “Darth Vader underwear” to that list, but the violin seems to be the top priority for him. I’m counting down to Christmas morning to see the look on his face for sure. Three is the perfect age for Christmas magic. He loves it all.

Tonight is the Christmas pageant at his little preschool. I can’t imagine my boy being still for more than twenty seconds, so we’ll see how it goes.  Either way, it will be entertaining for sure.  I hope your Christmas season is in full swing and you’re enjoying these last few weeks of the year!