Things I Love Thursday: Convenient Organic Baby Food – EcoMom GIVEAWAY!

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I have a confession to make.  I am a baby food snob.  Jude has been on solids for  about 7 weeks now, and I have been making all of his food.  Every other weekend, I get out the cutting board, peeler, bowls, and blender and puree organic fruits and vegetables before pouring them in to ice trays to freeze them for later use.  The process has been easier than expected, and it becomes somewhat addictive.  Before you know it, I’d become a little territorial with his food as I only gave him what I’d prepared.

When EcoMom gave me the opportunity to sample and review their new line of Plum Organics, however, I was intrigued and even broke my homemade-only baby food streak.  Truth be told, there is definitely some value in convenience, and with EcoMom, you get the best of both worlds because you are giving your baby 100% pure organic fruits and vegetables, but you also have the convenience of a little BPA-free, screw-top pouch.  For me, this was a novel idea as I’ve been thawing and stirring to get my own baby food ready for Jude to eat.  So for Things I Love Thursday, I love convenience.  And even better?  Convenient organic baby food that you know is good for your baby.

I found that Jude LOVED the flavors of EcoMom’s Plum Organics blends.  The spinach, peas, and pears combo disappeared faster than I could give it to him, and he got so impatient waiting for that spoon to reach his mouth. The purees are definitely pretty thin which is great for younger babies.  They are thinner than what Jude is used to since my blender tends to make a slightly thicker consistency, but I mixed the thin peach pureee with a little rice cereal to make a great breakfast for him, and he couldn’t get enough.  I’ve always thought sweet potatoes were his favorite, but after his excitement with the peaches, I’ve changed my mind.

EcoMom has all sorts of great blends and flavors of babyfood, and each of them comes in a convenient pouch.  You can rescrew the top back on the pouch if you only need part of it, and the rest can be refrigerated and consumed within 24 hours.  So convenient!  EcoMom also has a line of healthy snacks for those of you with older toddlers, and their healthy options extend far beyond purees.  They sent me some Strawberry Mish Mash that I passed along to my 2 year old niece, and it got rave reviews as well.

I was definitely impressed with the guilt-free packaging, convenience, and purity of the Plum Organics line, and I can tell you for sure that Jude loved it!  EcoMom is offering one of my readers a giveaway of $20 worth of Plum and/or Revolution Foods, and if you win, they’ll ship it right to you!

So listen up baby mamas and mamas-to-be, and do any of the following to have a chance at winning.  Leave me a comment telling me you’ve done any of these, and I will randomly choose a comment number as a winner.  Be sure you leave your email address in the comment, and leave separate comments for each of these actions to increase your chances of winning.

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  4. Head on over to EcoMom, and take a look around at their products.  It’s not just baby food!  They’ve got cloth diapers, teethers, creative toys, and stuff for you.  Best of all, it’s all safe and natural.  Tell me your favorite or one you’d love to try and why you like it.
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And even if you don’t win my EcoMom giveaway, you can get a 15% discount between now and May 31 when you use the code they are sharing with my readers.  That code is SBBL301, and as you can see, there’s a lot of great stuff over at EcoMom, so take advantage of it!  For those of you who repeatedly buy EcoMom goods, the EcoPass program can also help you save on products and shipping.  Good luck, and a giveaway winner will be chosen on Friday, May 14.

Disclosure:  I received a Plum Organics baby food sampler from EcoMom in order to complete this review.