Nursery Prep [alternate title: STOP THE PINK]

All this time I’ve had a boy I have complained that stores contain aisles and aisles of girl things and little to no boy things to speak of.  I still maintain that is true, but I’m realizing there is something I didn’t notice before.  I like the boy things so much better.  I don’t mind pink, really I don’t.  And I know she will be girly and wear pink and all of those things, and I’m not opposed to it.  But does it have to be head-to-toe pink?  And covered in rosebuds?  And adorned with ribbons?  Because that is pretty much all I see.  And I feel like the only thing worse than the abundant ruffles and head straps (What the hell are those things?) would be the animal prints and rhinestones and “glamour girl princess” labels all over everything.  I’ll drown her in ruffles before I’ll dress her in something that only the tackiest twenty-year-old should ever wear.

And nursery decorating?  I’m finding it’s much the same.  I browse bedding in a store or online, and I see mountains and mountains of pink and that’s about it.  Again, I want it to be feminine, but something a little more moderate would be nice.  Enter Pinterest.  Where did we start on a task like this before the internet?

Our walls are green, so we’ve decided that much.  And Design Seeds helped me land on this color palette since we have wood trim and some darker wood furniture she’ll be using.

The walls are pretty close to that green on the left, and we have some pink in there, but it’s that soothing mauve sort-of-pink that is hard to find yet much more to my liking than rosebuds and cupcakes I see in every store.  I don’t even know how I’ll do this except maybe bring this pallette to the store with me every time I shop for the nursery and hope I find some good matches.  The slate / dark purple in the middle won’t be too hard, I hope.  And at least the blue is everywhere, so there’s that.  I really don’t know at all where I’m going with this actually.  We’ll see.  I just want a room that doesn’t overwhelm me every time I walk in.

Other Pinterest finds I hope to copy be inspired by:

This awesome wall I tried to link here, but the photo won’t insert directly.  It’s simple but such a lovely way to get some color in a room.  I love it.

And this great book sling would go really well with a kid-sized rocking chair I thrifted a while back.  It would make a cute little reading corner, and it looks simple enough that I could do it.

And Etsy has some adorable bird mobiles I love. Like this one.

And this one.

It would be much easier to find a bed in a bag somewhere and go with it, but really I have not seen anything that didn’t induce nausea.  Does this happen to anyone else when looking at baby girl things?