catching up and settling in

It’s been a couple of weeks since I posted, so Halloween feels like old news now.  But considering I use this as a journal of sorts… a few pictures of my Minnie Mouse and Luke Skywalker trick-or-treating around campus on Halloween morning.




And then we did it all over again on Halloween night and invited a few cousins to join us.  It was unseasonably cold and eventually started drizzling a bit, so I was glad we headed out to the neighborhood earlier rather than later.



Life is settling down, and fall is settling in. The colors are perfect right now, and I finally got around to putting out the last of my pansies yesterday afternoon in the backyard. I had a couple helpers using their own little fingers to get flowers in the dirt.


I walked inside to fill the watering can, and when I returned to the back again, Jude was singing something I didn’t recognize. I asked him what it was and he said a “lullaby for the plants, mama.” It is never still with these two lately, but I do hope I can remember some of their little quirks and sweet comments. This journal helps me to stop and take notice. Jude has a favorite tree, he says. And he loves to study leaves this year.


The kids have been learning all about autumn and the details of the season lately at school, and everyday I drive home with turkey crafts or pumpkins or pilgrim hats. Early sunsets and chilly mornings feel inspiring instead of tiresome right now. Soup is on the menu at least twice a week. I love November.

Halloween and the Aftermath

We are candied-out over here, and the second head cold to hit the house this fall made it’s way to baby Norah and then to me and then to Jude.  So I have a sick little one on my hands and soup on the menu this week.  Plus a traveling husband and a toddler who is … well… three?  I guess that’s the best way you can describe him lately.

Ack!  I am feeling a little overwhelmed just reading that.

But Halloween was fun. We had a robot (Plex, for those of you who know him that way) and a tiny fairy. And Jude really loved trick-or-treating this year in a way he hasn’t before. It was so fun to watch.




I feel like it’s the official beginning of the holiday season in a way. When I flip the calendar to November, I see Thanksgiving and know Christmas is around the corner.  So much fun to be had!


Someone wasn’t so sure about Halloween this year.

But can you blame him?  It’s a lot of work when you can’t even really eat the candy. He was a cute little zebra anyway, and after we returned from the brief door-to-door routine, he was happy to get in his pj’s and answer the door for fellow trick-or-treaters.  The costume was on for maybe 20 minutes total, but we managed to get a few photos.

and by the way, he REFUSES to put anything on his head. anything.

Truth be told, I felt like crying as well. Because last year?  Last year, he looked like this.

Sigh.  His playing and “reading” and walking and his babbling attempts at talking and the occasional temper tantrums are all reminding me that we are sailing away from baby land soon and into the toddler zone. Good news?  Christmas will be so much fun, and I’m unbelievably excited about the holidays around the corner. Turkey and more turkey and pumpkin everything and cookies and Christmas carols and hanging stockings and lights and Santa and gift wrapping and hot cider……  He’ll only half get it this year, but memories will be made for his parents who were too dazed and sleep-deprived last year to even notice the date on the calendar.  Happy things ahead. Happy November, reader!