Fun Finds

I spend a lot of time online.  Too much probably.  But with most of “our shows” on hiatus right now, when I want to relax for a minute, I grab my laptop. I am always finding great stories or ideas, and sometimes I hurriedly bookmark the link, but at other times, I want to share what I found and spread the word about something good out there.  So here are this week’s finds:

Pioneer Woman’s Chicken and Olives – Y’all my belly is full of this right now, and it was SINFUL I tell you.  So so so good.

Decorating a Cupcake Stand by Tomkat Studios has some great ideas and photos.  I intend to use these tips at Jude’s party in a few weeks!

This and That and the End of a Hot August – Of course, this is my absolute favorite blog, but I love this post as one who is in Hotlanta but ready for fall leaves and chunky sweaters.  And speaking of autumn….

Pilgrim Hat Cookies – I can’t wait to make these this Thanksgiving.  Adorable.

The Joneses is not exactly a link but a movie.  We watched this on Friday night, and I really enjoyed it.  American materialism is out of control, and I love that this movie puts a different spin on that to make you think about it.

So that’s what I found this week.  Have you stumbled on anything you want to share?