back on the train

Two weeks ago was Disney World.  Then we come home to have Jude’s birthday a few days later.  Then his little preschool class celebrated his day on the 18th.  Then we had a Mickey-themed birthday party at our house on the 20th.  Then yesterday we spent time at a fall carnival at the local elementary school.

First cotton candy!

To say we haven’t been healthy eaters lately is such an understatement.  And I think I hadn’t realized how far I’d gone on the real-food-and-crunchy-healthy-eating spectrum until we spent a week at a theme park followed by a week of indulgent celebrations at home.  Oh, my unhappy body.


And in my opinion, it is no coincidence that Jude has had a random 24-hour fever, a tummy bug, AND a head cold in the past month or so.  Preschool germs are relentless, I know.  But eating junk can’t help that situation.  Throw in a little development spurt and the related sleep regression for Norah, and I am feeling worn and tired and just not up to par at all.  I’m so ready for a little return to normalcy.  [But then soon Halloween… and then Thanksgiving and then Christmas….so normal is not really that normal this time of year, is it?]


Anyway, I haven’t posted on food in a while, so I thought I’d share our dinner plan this week in my attempt to get us back on track.

Sunday – grilled tilapia, quinoa salad, roasted broccoli

Monday – Honey-Curry Chicken and brown rice

Tuesday – Butternut Squash Lasagna (my absolute favorite fall dish)

Wednesday – Husband has a work thing, and the lasagna makes great leftovers, so that’s probably the plan.

Thursday – homemade whole wheat pizza with proscuitto and red onions

Friday – My carpet is being cleaned at 2pm, so I’m thinking we’ll head out since I need to keep little feet off of it until it dries.  Maybe Indian food, I’m hoping?

Saturday – I’m hosting a bridal shower for my cousin, so more busy times and a leftover petit fours to tempt us. I think I’ll rely on something from my freezer to help me out that night.  Maybe baked ziti?




Anything good in your kitchen plans this week?