Happy Birthday, little blog! {And an Etsy Giveaway}

{Giveaway Closed}  The winner is comment #2 from Kreative Karing.  Congrats!


As the calendar flips to March, I realize it’s been a year since I’ve started this little journal, and I didn’t want the anniversary to go by without something special to commemorate the occasion.  A few facts:

  1. I’ve written 87 posts so far, averaging 1.6 entries a week.
  2. My most commented-on post is What I Wish I’d Known About Breastfeeding .
  3. My most visited post is this simple one on inspiration for a carnival birthday party followed closely by this one on my freezer cooking extravaganza and this one on the things I don’t miss about my old job.
  4. The posts most landed on by random search engines are my posts on our circus birthday party last October.
  5. The weirdest searches that landed someone here were vagina in the potty and teacher won’t let me use the bathroom what should I do.  Those are so bizarre that I can’t believe I even admitted them to you. (I think I maybe mention “vaginal” in my birth story??)  I’ve got no idea how that gets someone here, but I’m guessing they didn’t find what they were searching for.   [As a side note, someone landed here once by searching for “boobs,” and I think that’s kind of hilarious considering a post on breastfeeding isn’t really what was expected, I assume.]
  6. The most common category for my posts is Gratitude with 23 entries.
  7. The one entry that changed blogging for me was this one, which I’ll expand on a little next week.  (With another Etsy giveaway!) I wrote it late one night on a whim, and I feel like my entire blog totally changed direction after that.
  8. My most favorite entry is this one; it still makes me happy to go back and read it.  My birthday letter to Jude is a close second.  His birth story is also close to my heart for obvious reasons, and I love these entries as well.  It’s funny how the posts that mean so much to the writer aren’t necessarily the most commented on or most viewed posts.
  9. My most favorite thing about this little blog? It makes me notice the things I would have missed otherwise and give thanks when I need to. My gratitude category has opened up a whole new practice for me that is really worthwhile, and at the risk of sounding cheesy, it has honestly made a difference in my daily life and my perspective.
  10. My most unexpected happy thing about blogging?  All of you! I love hearing from you whether in a comment or an email, and I’ve been surprised at the sense of community and friendship that can happen in front of a computer screen.

So thank you, little blog for showing me how take notice of my own life.  And thank you, reader, for listening and talking.



And now for the fun part!  In honor of the first birthday of Mama the Reader, Bookish Charm Etsy Shop is kindly giving one of my readers this adorable necklace.

How sweet is that?  And let’s be honest that most of the time I end up rambling about a million different topics from food to crafts to parties to toddler tantrums, but a thirst for knowledge and a love of words are still the foundation of what drives me here at Mama the Reader, and I know my readers are bookish, too!

So this is how you enter:

Hop over to Bookish Charm.

Take a look around.

Leave me a comment about what your favorite item is.

It’s as easy as that!  Personally, I’d love to wear one of these.


A quote from Pride and Prejudice! Oh, Mr. Darcy!

or this

or this

Seriously cute stuff!  All comments should be completed by  Friday, March 18th at noon when I use random.org to choose a random number to be our winner.

If you’re not a subscriber here, don’t forget to drop by next week for some words on the value of gratitude and another Etsy giveaway as well. [Or head to the side bar to click and subscribe. ]

Thanks for reading, y’all!  And happy birthday little blog!

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