what year seven looks like

Today is my wedding anniversary.  Seven years ago today I walked down the aisle, and this year we celebrated with an afternoon movie and dinner, a ritual that was commonplace a few years ago but is pretty rare these days.

He had steak.  I had spare ribs.  We splurged on a crabcake appetizer and not one shared but two individual desserts.  And coffee.

Do you know how long it has been since we sat through a two-hour, child-free dinner? A long, long time. It was perfect.

It’s easy to feel a little “blah” sometimes about your current life. Not that you are unhappy, just that you are exhausted and comfortable and busy with a lot of the mundane things we do everyday. Food prep, laundry, clean, change diapers, nurse baby. Repeat. It’s easy to forget that lots of really special moments punctuate the everyday ones and that the everyday moments can be really special in their own way, too.

It’s been a good year for us. Year seven has been full of some great moments for my little growing family, for Scott and me.

Anniversary - year 7

It’s weird to wake up one day and see you’ve built a life together. It’s a very when did that happen? When did I grow up? kind of feeling.  I’m stepping out of the mundane for a moment today to recognize that gift and be grateful for it.  I’m lucky.