eight months old

Look who’s a big girl now.

8 months old

Thus begins the journey from babyhood to toddlerhood.  I can feel it coming.

This month has been full of so many changes.  She went through a few weeks where she couldn’t sleep well and was so hard to get down at night.  But as is often the case with sleep disturbances, we came out on the other side and BAM!  New baby!  So many developmental leaps happening right now.

She’ll cry when she sees me leaving a room.  She laughs whole-heartedly at her brother’s attempts to be goofy and entertain her.  She babbles incessantly.  She loves the bath.  She’s still crawling army-style on her belly, but she gets around fast, and much to my dismay, she pulled herself up on her crib railing twice last week.  And we’ve mastered the purees and sippy cup, so I think we’ll move on to tiny finger foods soon.

I don’t know where the time is flying, or more importantly, I don’t know how babies grow this fast.  I mean 8 months was not really all that long ago, but the tiny flour sack of a body is long gone, and we are full-blown active baby over here.

It’s exciting and painful all at the same time.

Catching Up

There are so many things I want to write about here, and the ideas flow in and out all the time.  But they float away before I have a spare second, and then weeks go by with silence here.  I hope to fix that someday.  But TIME?  I don’t know where it goes or how to get more of it these days.

I realized yesterday was Norah’s 6 month birthday, and I never even posted last month’s photo.  So here’s a little catching up.

Five months old.

5 months old

And here at six months old.

6 months old!

And my apologies for this photobomb, but we had a professional session done for the occasion (with Clearcreek Images), and I can’t resist posting these.  We used my old ballet tutu as a prop in a few.  I love the results so much.

Hall 027

Hall 033

Hall 035

Hall 036

Hall 042

Hall 043

Hall 057

Every stage has its merit, but this is my absolute favorite moment of babyhood. They are sturdy and full of personality, but you aren’t chasing them around yet. And the chub. Oh, my God, the chub. I love her.

four months old

It’s the 18th of the month which means we have another mini-birthday around here.  Sister is four months old.

four months

I’ve been bracing myself for the infamous four-month sleep regression that almost drove me crazy last time around, but it hasn’t happened yet.  I’m also not back at work like I was with Jude, so I’m thinking that’s probably part of it since she hasn’t had a major change or disruption in her daily schedule.  Or maybe as I type this, it’s about to happen. Since that’s the way it usually works.  Ha.

She is grabbing objects, and as you can tell here, she has found her hands.  She loves to chew on them and stare at them all day.  She also refused the swaddle last week, and we aren’t going back.  The spastic little arm reflex seems to be fading and mostly gone.

Sigh.  Not a newborn anymore.  But she is beautiful and smiley and fun.  We love her.

three months.

Norah is officially three months old as of last Saturday.

3 months

This is the age when you look at your baby and think about how much she’s grown in a few short months.  Holding her head up.  Following us with her eyes.  Sleeping for more than two hours without needing something to eat.  Unfurling her clinched fists.

She’s such a different baby than the one I brought home in May.

It’s an odd feeling this time around, knowing she is probably my last.  It feels weird to leave certain ages and stages behind.  I’m reading some Anne Lamott these days, and I ran across something yesterday that made me smile and nod my head and breathe a little easier with these changes.

“Here is my theory: I’m all the ages I’ve ever been.  You realize this at some point about your child — even when your kid is sixteen, you can see all the ages in him, the baby wrapped up like a burrito, the one-year-old about to walk, the four-year-old napping, the ten-year-old on a trampoline.

“[…] So how can I be represented by a snapshot, or any one specific age? Isn’t the truth that this me is subsumed into all the me’s I already have been, and will be?”  — Anne Lamott, “A Field Theory of Beauty”



Happy Monday, friends.  Hope it’s a good week ahead.

squeezing it in

I’m up early, and both kids are still sleeping.  I’m online instead of showering which I might regret later today, but I’m trying to devote some time on the first of every month to get the photos from my phone and place them in monthly folders.  I’m thinking since 80% of my “photography” these days is with the iPhone, I need to actually keep up with them so poor Norah will have some pictures of her baby days in the future.

Some previously frozen Peach French Toast is baking in the oven, and the coffee is poured.  It’s silent.  I’m thinking starting my day like this might be even better than a shower.  And thank you, sleeping gods, that Jude is still snoozing and it’s past 6:30.  Thank you a million times over.

I’m determined to find a piece of time here or there to do things I need to do or I want to do.  It exists, I know it. Even staying home with two kids under three, I can chisel some time here or there.

On another note, I got out an actual camera during bath time yesterday.  Norah obliged me with her sassy face, a trait I love now and I will hate when she is 16.  Ignore the wine bottle and vitamins in the background.  Behold the cute.
bath time

two months old

Norah is two months old today.
Two Months old

She’s coming out of the newborn stage and moving quickly on to the soft and squishy baby stage.  I’m a little jealous of my friends who have beautiful babies who look like newborns for months.  My kids never grow that way.  With so much hair plus the extra chub and some eyes that open wide early on, both of my babies have sailed away from the newborn look pretty quickly.

Even though I get a little wistful with things moving so fast, I love this age between newborn sleepiness and full-on toddler.  I’m really looking forward to the next year or so and wanting to soak it all in.  She’s a great baby and she loves to eat. (… As you can tell from those rolls dripping off her arm.  Ha!)  She’s weighing in at 13 pounds, 8 ounces and I love every bit of it.

Happy 2-month birthday, Little Norah.

And here’s a behind-the-scenes look at how I get these monthly shots accomplished.  Someone thinks I am taking his photo, too……

what's really happening