life lately – a quick post

Excuse this scattered post as I update quickly…. How is it July?  Our first full month of summer is behind us, and we are more or less at the halfway point.  Lots of fun things and simple pleasures filling our time lately….

I had dinner with some close friends the other night. They are former colleagues of mine –  people I miss dearly and wish I could see more often. We had penciled this 7pm Tuesday dinner on the calendar weeks ago, and then the day before, my mother-in-law called wanting to spend time with the kids. So I dropped Jude and Norah off at her place at 4:00 in the afternoon and had three full hours to “waste” before dinner. They were not wasted at all as I ran an errand or two and sat at Starbucks for a full hour reading the novel I am slowly making my way through. It’s amazing how much a few hours of alone time can affect my sanity.

Following my introvert time, we met up at our favorite sushi spot and had a leisurely dinner. As we left with the usual hugs and promises to get together more often, we also realized the Persian grocery next door was still open. Since we had our resident expert and Farsi interpreter with us (Thanks, Samira!), we decided to meander a bit and take home some goodies.


So Persian tea and cookies have been my afternoon snack break these past few days. So much joy in little pleasures.

….Norah’s little pleasure this week was flipping her carseat around now that we’ve passed her second birthday. She now has to loudly narrate all the scenery as we drive. “Cow!” “Grass!” “Store!” “Big truck!” It’s is a weird feeling for me to drive down the road with two passengers I can see in my rearview mirror, but I love it.


Other than a few little outings here and there, we are mostly enjoying the lazy pace of summer and gearing up for some Fourth of July celebrations. I realized this morning that today marks one year in this house, and it feels like home for sure. Big changes are scary sometimes, but I am so glad we made the move. Our town is hosting a big celebration with fireworks tonight, and then tomorrow we are planning to have friends over, grill out, and celebrate with some sparklers. Happy Fourth! Summer is in full swing.


One thought on “life lately – a quick post

  1. Katie, I’m so happy you like the tea biscuits and persian tea! Can’t wait to take you to the store again. We’ll have to browse jams next time! So glad your house is definitely your home now; I love that you have a great community of festivities for your family to enjoy. Lastly, Norah couldn’t look more adorable sporting that hat and relishing in her new perspective!

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