Mexico: The Remix

Norah has been having fun with my camera phone now that she knows how it works.  I delete approximately 300 photos everyday.  (I’m not exaggerating.)  But I kept a few from our trip that were kind of cute and interesting.  Life through the eyes of a two year old is pretty fascinating!


Cancun 2014

Cancun 2014

Cancun 2014

Cancun 2014

Cancun 2014

One thought on “Mexico: The Remix

  1. I love that you saved a few pictures from Norah’s perspective. Believe me, I totally understand the scrolls and scrolls of pictures our toddlers can take in just a few minutes; I’ve saved some as well because they capture hilarious angles (or our faces in the most real way). Love that Mexico left some lasting memories. Viva Mexico!

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