back at it

When I was a full-time stay-at-home-mom, I definitely had my fair share of comments from working mothers about how hard staying home was and how draining it can be on your nerves and energy.  I had my moments, admittedly, but on the whole, I think I just grew used to it.  That bone-tired feeling at the end of the day.  The constant watching and correcting and cooking and cleaning.  But after a few months of having an office and an outside focus for a few hours of my day, my stamina has declined.  Because ohmygosh I am so tired chasing these kids.



I love being home and I am grateful it is summer.  But these ages are no joke. A Facebook friend of mine posted a photo last week to explain she is doing an etiquette “camp” with her ten-year-old daughter this summer – complete with a walk through Emily Post’s guidebook and a final exam that culminates in a dinner party where her daughter has to correctly host and carry on conversations with invited guests.  I think the idea is admirable and sweet and maybe one day I will teach these skills to my two, but I also laugh a little.  My kids are two and four, and my summer plans are to keep them alive, happy, fed.  That is pretty much it.

But so far we are making it and basking in the glory of some lazy days ahead.  We’ve splashed around at the neighborhood pool, climbed trees, spent time with cousins and friends, and eaten outside more often than not. I know it’s the teacher in me, but summer really is my favorite.

One thought on “back at it

  1. Enjoy the comments. It is hard to be with our own children that much. I love my daughters dearly, but that would not be good for any of us. I love your friend’s etiquette idea. We were headed in that direction at a school I taught once upon a time. I left and I don’t think it happened. I would say that is what should happen at our ultra expensive proms, so there would at least be some sort of learning curve to them. Nice post.

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