officially summer

We are on summer break, and as I read a little outside on the porch yesterday while Jude played and Norah napped, I was reminded of what a gift it is to work only 9 months a year.  I will never get rich in academics, but I have a passion for what I do and as a very special bonus, I get these months off every year to exhale and re-center and spend time with my kids.  It really is the perfect balance for me.  My first year back at work has come to an end, and on the whole, it went really well.  It feels good to have it behind me.


Last weekend was busy with the birthday of one very shy little girl.  It astounds me how talkative and energetic she is when it’s only us hanging out at home – yet how incredibly shy she is in a crowd.  We had such a small party this year, and she was still bashful when her big moment came.

shy birthday princess

blowing out her birthday candles

As the week went on, I’ve crossed a few things off the to-do list with a check-up for Norah and a dermatologist appointment for me. But we also managed to squeeze in a morning of strawberry picking as well. This little farm is only a short 25 minutes up the road for us, and it was small and manageable with two kids and one mom.  We had a great time.




Jude was really interested in it this year and a great berry-finder. I was genuinely impressed with his determination to only pick the very best ones! We ended up with a full gallon, and he was really proud.  He’s been asking a lot of questions lately about where his food comes from, and he’s taking a new interest in gardening ideas.  It’s sparked some really fun moments in the kitchen and outside.



So summer has begun in the very best way, and we are enjoying it already.  We have all of next week to be lazy and get excited about our trip to Mexico next month.  More soon, friends.

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