life lately

We are winding down and so ready for summer.  The weather is warm here; we have a week left of school, and there are 26 days between me and the Yucatan peninsula. Not much to complain about.


Jude has been helping me often in the yard lately. We’ve worked on a few flowers, tomatoes, squash, zucchini, cucumbers, and lots of herbs. He’s so interested in it, and it’s fun to watch this hobby grow for him.  He was very vocal and opinionated when the two of us went shopping for flowers.  “I want this one, mom!  This one will look the prettiest – don’t you think?”



We also went to a neighborhood block party a couple weeks ago with 60 kids and met so many other families! It’s great to be in a place that’s starting to feel like community. …Plus Jude won the sack race which was a crowning accomplishment he felt pretty good about. Ha.  Sister loved trying to steal his candy winnings.

neighborhood block party

I hope your summer is getting off to a good start as we head toward Memorial Day. Happy weekend!

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