weekend notes and new seasons

It was such a good weekend, one that balanced productive and relaxing which is a rarity.  Saturday’s forecast was pretty bleak, but she surprised us with some good weather anyway.  Georgia is doing that typical March pattern where we will enjoy 70 degrees and sunshine for days at a time, and then we are caught off guard with rain and temperatures back in the 50s again.  We just take it for what it is though and enjoy it for the little while it lasts.

playing outside in this perfect weather

We got some odds and ends done around the house and did some boring tasks that you avoid but feel good when you complete them – dogs to the vet, taxes retrieved from the accountant, fridge cleaned out.  Then Scott’s parents wanted to watch the kids for a while because they haven’t in a long time.  So we enjoyed a dinner out without kids for two (!!) weekends in a row.  I am pretty sure 2009 was the last time that happened.  There are so many things I will miss about having a baby in the house, but as they grow a little older, there are definitely a number of things that get easier.  Leaving them with someone else is one of those things. For both kids lately, I see so much new independence.  It is amazing to watch.  And to be honest, it is very welcome for me.  I’ve loved having babies, but I love the kid years that lie ahead, too.

Yesterday’s weather was awful with constant rain and cooler temps outside.  We did head over to the new library near our house though, and we followed up with frozen yogurt.  Dinner was SkinnyTaste’s Spinach Rolls, and I managed to freeze two more for later this spring.

It was hard to get up this morning.  It’s chilly, and I could hear rain outside.  I also had a sleeping Norah cuddled up on me because she woke up for a midnight diaper change and requested a bed move.  Lately, we begin the night with only two in the bed, but usually by morning, all four of us are piled in – or at least three.  I don’t mind it all that much knowing seasons change and kids grow up.  For now, I can deal with the occasional elbow in my face and wayward knee in my back.  For now, we  are watching the yard slowly change from brown to green and looking forward to the weeks ahead.

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