it happened again

Snow is more exciting the first time around.  Added to the frustration of having to pretty much rewrite my syllabi.  Added to Scott being stuck in Ohio all week.  Added to the threat of power outages.  We are pretty much over it, but we’re making the best of it as well we know how.

what driveway?

When this happened a couple of weeks ago, we saw so many neighborhood kids out playing in it. This time, I’ve hardly seen anyone at all. It was mostly ice the first two days, and then the snow finally came.

the world's tiniest snowman

For the most part, we are hunkering down and waiting for it to pass. We’ve colored and played a lot of hide and seek and baked cookies. They’ve watched a lot of television (or kind of in ten minute increments for Norah who won’t really watch much) and I’ve caught up on a bit on Downton Abbey.  The latest Norah has slept all week is 5:15.  All I want for Valentine’s Day is a shut bathroom door and a lonely, quiet bath.

snow days round two

I’m achy from the laziness. C’mon, spring!

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