The university closed at 3:30 today, but as I walked out of my class at 12:20, I realized it was almost nap time at the Child Development Center, and I wanted to get the kids before they slept to head home.  I picked them up and began the 45-minute drive home, and the last 20 minutes or so were a little treacherous.  But we made it safely and all was well.

Then as the afternoon went on, I heard from more friends and family who were not so lucky and were stuck on the road.  As I write this, people I know who left their jobs SEVEN hours ago are still stuck.  It is crazy.  Atlanta just doesn’t have the snowplows and salt trucks and such because this doesn’t happen much.  Plus this came on a few hours earlier and a lot heavier than expected, so it snuck up on us.  It is nuts out there.

So I feel lucky I have all my chicks in the nest. (Scott included because he left work at 1:30 and had only a three hour commute.)  We got some time to play in it today, and school is canceled tomorrow.  Yay, snow day! Stay warm and safe, Atlantans.








One thought on “snow!

  1. We have a nephew in Georgia. I bet he enjoyed showing his daughters what life was like where he grew up in snow. Hope it goes away soon for you, and that you stay safe from accidents. It is hard for us to see how difficult snow is for those who don’t have the equipment. Stay Warm!!

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