Did you know this little gadget can do fun things like make curly fries and vegetable noodles?

I found it for $28 last week on sale and jumped on it.  I’m on a moms’ message board I don’t check as often as I used to, but I always make time to look at the recipe section, and so many people raved about spiralizers, I decided to give it a try.  We made zucchini noodles tonight, and the kids ate them up!  So good.  It’s such a handy way to get in more veggies.  I’m hoping to do homemade sweet potato curly fries this week in my oven.  I know all of you Paleo people would use it to replace wheat noodles, but for me, the main motivation is just getting in another serving of veggies and giving some fresh ideas to my stale meal planning.

Jude loved turning the handle to create the “noodles” or zoodles as we called them.  Because it was our first try with this, I dumped marinara on top like usual spaghetti to appeal to the familiar.  (And they take 3 minutes to cook in a skillet, much faster than pasta.) We might branch out to other veggies soon.  Like this recipe, or this one, or this one.


Just passing along the recommendation.  Wild Saturday night here with veggie pasta and a blog update! Ha.  Happy weekend.

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