January and February are never really my favorite months.  As I look back and see this,  I am reminded that seasons change and dreary skies turn to sunny ones eventually again.  I do the January doldrums every year, I suppose.  And I eventually recover.

But this year is especially cold in Atlanta.  (And everywhere, I guess.  Thanks, Polar Vortex.)  Single digits this morning and schools were even cancelled a couple of weeks ago due to such severe cold.  The ten-day forecast is not helping me feel better.  This is sticking around for a while.  Ugh.  Do I even have enough sweaters?  I guess I need to keep up on the laundry this winter.

I intend to check in about my January goals soon, but right now I am just going to vacation a moment in my old pictures.  Ahhh, summer sun.  I miss you.

chubby hand
summer 2010
Costa Rica, 2011
Costa Rica, 2011
Vancouver, July 2011
Aruba, summer 2013
Aruba, summer 2013

I hope you are staying warm wherever you are.  I am trying to enjoy the winter hibernation as best I can.  Lots of soup on the menu lately.  This one was new to me and I LOVED it earlier this week.  And this old favorite is making some reappearances as well.  Stay cozy, friends.

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