our trip to the apple orchard

The calendar says fall, and while it doesn’t always feel like that here, we are trying to  take advantage of all there is to do this time of year.  Yesterday we drove about an hour northwest of home and spent the morning at an apple orchard.  The kids got to pick their own apples which they both loved.

We came home with a full peck of apples, and we enjoyed this delicious dinner last night – a lot of nutrition in one skillet. Apple muffins, my favorite apple cake, and some homemade applesauce are on the line-up later this week.



Jude’s class learned about apples a few weeks ago, the process of seed to tree to flower to fruit. He’s been talking about it a lot and looking forward to “the apple farm” as he calls it. At almost four years old, he’s in such a perfect age for understanding the world around him but still being fascinated by it. It’s so fun to hear his commentary on everything we see and do.

The scenery was gorgeous, and it made me grateful for the region we live in. There really is a lot of beauty in North Georgia, especially this time of year.




It got hot as the day went on, so I stripped Norah down to her underclothes. Half-naked toddler didn’t care. She has such a curious side these days and loves to mimic every single thing her brother does.



Today we are slow roasting a chicken and spending the afternoon inside the house. This should be the last few days that the temperatures reach 80, and I’m actually looking forward to a little rain and maybe some light sweater weather soon. So many fun things await in the next few weeks.

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