Working. Not Twerking.

[Let me assure you, despite my use of it in this title, I certainly had to google twerk this week after Miley Cyrus’s televised escapades. ]


So I’m a few weeks into this whole working-outside-the-home thing, and it is becoming the new normal.  Some things are really different (leaving the house every morning) and some things stay the same.  My early risers trained me long ago, so our mornings really feel similar except that we leave the house at 7:30 instead of starting our day inside.  I discovered years ago that showering before they are awake is the only way it happens, so I’ve been used to the 6am routine for ages anyhow.  On the whole, they are handling the commute well, and both of them LOVE their new school routine.  I love that I can walk to them in less than three minutes at any time I need or want to.  On the whole, it feels good.  And something I didn’t realize?  I have missed talking about writing with people.  Missed talking books.  Missed being in a classroom.  And I can’t hide the fact that is feels so good to be back in a women’s college setting. 


I’ve unintentionally abandoned the blog recently, but I intend to get back when I discover a routine.  I hope your holiday weekend is restful and that fall is around the corner.

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