Remember me?

Hi!  Let’s just say that moving with two little kids was a lot more insane than I expected.  We are getting settled, but the few days of the actual move were so awful.  As an adult, it is jarring enough to have a total change in your home and your routine, but throw two little ones in the mix and holy moly.  It is crazy.

They have been sleeping well (we all have!  so exhausted!) and we are steadily getting settled a bit.  Real pictures may come one day.  When I can find my camera. Ha.  SO MUCH STUFF we have.  It really makes you want to simplify when you move all those belongings.

It was a long moving day when we moved out of the last house. I thought I’d be a lot more emotional after living there 7 years and bringing home 2 babies, but the day of the move, it was so tiring and intense, I just wanted to wrap it all up.


The kids are opening boxes faster than I can put things away which is fun, but it’s resulting in a lot of clutter.


But we are loving the house, and it’s feeling like home already. I think this is our forever place for sure.



new curtains


We are dealing with construction sites right and left at the moment. Someone doesn’t mind though.


It’s a work in progress in every way. But I am grateful to be here, and I hope to share more soon.

2 thoughts on “Remember me?

  1. I admire you for navigating the move with two little ones. I can’t even imagine. It also seems like your house went up LIGHTNING FAST! I’m sure that’s not the case, it just seems like it from the outside in bloggyland.

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