hello from Aruba

We have been in sunny Aruba all week, and we fly home tomorrow. As I write, Norah has finally given in to a morning nap for the first time all week and Scott and Jude have left already for the pool.



It’s been a vacation in the truest sense. I was questioning our decision to still go on this trip in the midst of packing and moving and embarking on some major changes in our lives, but I’ve found myself completely forgetting the everyday stress we’ve been encountering lately. I’ll suddenly remember – after not thinking of it at all for hours or days – that we are in fact moving to a new house and looking at a mile-long to do list at home. But here? It doesn’t seem so important. I love how travel does that. It makes you feel small in light of such a big world and all that matters is the here and now. Something I forget in everyday life.


More pictures coming soon when I’m at a real computer with the real camera. Goodbye for now. I have a breezy balcony and a sleeping baby to tend to.

One thought on “hello from Aruba

  1. I’ve been following your journey on Instagram, and I’m soooo glad you’re finding some relaxation and peace of mind in Aruba. It looks like tons of good fun.

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