This time of year is always so busy, and we’ve been running from one place to another lately it seems.  The weather in Atlanta is so unpredictable this year.  78 degrees one day.  Rainy and 60 the next.  We are something like 15 degrees below our usual temperatures this week.  If it were July, I’d be grateful. But in May, I want to feel the sun!  We’ve played outside the few days we could though. Jude always dragging along a water gun and a sword, of course. Which he always corrects me is actually a light saber. Duh, mom.


I’m struck so much by the gender differences already apparent in my house. We had a birthday photo session yesterday where Norah was given permission to smash a cake. One-year-old Jude would’ve turned it upside down and inhaled it in less than five minutes’ time. Norah just daintily investigated with a spoon, and we had to hide cheerios around the cake just to get a few photos! There is a little preview you can see here on the photographer’s blog. The pictures turned out precious nonetheless.

Other than birthday prep, there has been a little cooking (this recipe specifically), a few house worries (ready to SELL this thing), and a little knitting.  This sweater should fit Norah well in the fall, I think.


So that is life lately for us. Hope this weekend treats you well and sunny things are on the horizon.

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