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Laundry, laundry, more laundry.


Our house is still on the market.  And at just less than 5 weeks’ time, it is not even that long, so I cannot complain. But I will say that I cannot wait to be done with this process – to know what house we’ll choose next, to have the boxes unpacked, to not be expecting someone at my door ALL THE TIME.  We’ve had so much traffic, like a potential buyer every 3 days or so and more on the weekends.  It’s Thursday as I write this, and we’ve seen three since Monday. Everyone is so nice in the feedback given to our realtor but no actual offer yet.  C’mon people.  SOMEONE BUY MY HOUSE.

It’s not even the cleaning that bothers me.  I’ve discovered that if I can begin the day by making all the beds, getting some laundry done, and keeping the kitchen clean after breakfast, the rest of the day is not too difficult, even with very little notice.

The painful problem is the leaving.

It’s inevitably the middle of the afternoon nap cycle or the hour before dinnertime that someone needs to see the house, and I pile the kids in their carseats and go somewhere, and I’d say at least 30% of the time, the visitor is late or even has some last minute something where they can’t show at all.  It’s maddening.

So for now, we are just waiting for things to fall into place, and I really believe that things end up as they should.  But I am definitely wishing that whoever is “supposed” to end up in this house would find it already.  Until then, waiting and wishing.

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