I don’t know why spring has taken so long to show her face in Atlanta, but she has.  It has been COLD for much of the past few weeks.  But this weekend, she started to show up a bit and the forecast shows some sunny skies this week.  It feels like I’m coming out from under a heavy rock.  We’ve missed the sun around here.

So Easter was perfectly timed with the fresh weather.  I haven’t downloaded from the real camera yet, but I got a few with my phone, too.  It was Norah’s first Easter!


And Jude is the perfect age for finding so much joy in these traditions. The Easter Bunny brought him a new book that is perfect for his recent fascination with the word underpants. It cracks him up!


All in all, I am feeling lucky to have these two and looking forward to a new season with my little family.


Happy Easter and happy spring to you, too!

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