moving right along

I meant to post last week with a few recipes for the self-designed cleanse I am still doing that I wrote about before.  But I forgot, and of course, now I can’t remember what I ate.  I can hardly remember what I did five minutes ago – which is one reason I love this blog.  Writing things down is pretty much the only way I know they happened lately.  Ha.

The summation is this: I added gluten back in last week but continued to avoid dairy and sugar.  I tried to stick with my own home-milled wheat, but I went for a store-bought sandwich twice for the sake of busy scheduling, so I got a little of “normal” bread as well.  I noticed absolutely no ill effects at all.  So I know a lot of people say gluten is the devil and that we shouldn’t eat it.  And I’m sure eating less of it and more fruits and veggies is a good thing.  But I’ll say that humans have been eating grain for thousands of years, and I don’t feel anything negative from the occasional slice of bread.  Not at all.

I did falter with two oatmeal-chocolate-chip cookies last weekend and felt a little icky afterwards.  (It’s a long story, but I needed chocolate consolation after my freezer killed almost A HUNDRED OUNCES of breastmilk.  My entire stash.  Waaahhhhh.)  And I cheated with a coke last week and felt SO SO GROSS.  I can’t even explain how not well I felt after drinking it.  So I’m pretty sure sugar is the culprit, as one would assume.

I am slowly reintroducing dairy as of yesterday, and man, I’ve missed my yogurt. This whole exercise has certainly opened my eyes as to how much dairy I consume.  Which is to say a lot.  While it’s alright in small quantities, I’m guessing cheese in one form or another four times a day is not ideal.  Ha.

So for now, I am still sugar striking and trying to stay on the straight and somewhat narrow.

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