Dietary Cleanse, days 1-3

So I started Sunday, March 10 with a plan to follow the Whole Living Action Plan 2013, and I did all my grocery shopping accordingly.

It’s not suggested, by the way, that nursing mothers do intense “detoxification” plans that limit you to juice only or have you take supplements or promise to rid you of heavy metals, etc.  While most doctors agree that the liver, kidneys, and bowels take care of detox, some worry about the possibility that breast milk could hold toxins that are delivered to the baby.

This plan is far simpler, however, and it’s really only a detox in the sense that I’m detoxing my palette and ridding my belly of a few aggravators.  I knew it was safe, so I decided to go for it.  I think I didn’t account for calorie allotment with nursing though because the first day didn’t go so well.  Here’s my food log for that day:

  • breakfast: one cup of coffee with almond milk.  smoothie made of mango, kiwi, and spinach
  • snack: one banana
  • lunch: french lentil salad (I wasn’t so crazy about this recipe and threw the leftovers out.)
  • snack: green salad and banana

Then I was driving home from a volunteer committment at about 5:30 and was feeling AWFUL.  Shaky and headache and blah.  When I got home, I couldn’t even stomach the roasted brussels sprouts I made for dinner (a usual favorite), so I used a calorie-counting app to see that I was 900 short for the day with breastfeeding to consider.  No wonder I felt terrible!  The simple input-output didn’t add up considering nursing a baby burns about 500 calories a day.  So I headed to bed early and woke up with a new plan to tweak things a bit.

I decided to jump in on week two of the plan which allows me to eat lean proteins like chicken or fish and gluten-free grains like oats or millet, still ridding myself of sugar, gluten, and dairy for a while.  Day two went a lot better.

  • breakfast: one cup of coffee with almond milk. smoothie made of blueberry, avocado, mango, and mint.
  • snack: banana
  • lunch: leftover roasted brussels sprouts
  • snack: Trader Joe’s trail mix
  • dinner: creamy broccoli soup, salad with dijon vinaigrette
  • late night snack: banana with cashew butter

Day Three:

  • breakfast: one cup of coffee with almond milk.  smoothie made of pineapple, banana, kale, romaine lettuce.
  • snack: apple with cashew butter
  • lunch: leftover broccoli soup with an avocado (It’s really good!)
  • snack: green salad
  • dinner: roasted portabello and kale.  I added toasted millet to this one since I’m doing gluten-free whole grains.
  • snack: my homemade granola with almond milk

So as you can see, I can’t really claim that I’m following the Whole Living plan anymore.  I’m sort of making this my own thing – which is one reason I want to record it all here so I can look back and use some of these recipes again.  They advocate no caffeine, yet I’m allowing myself a cup of coffee a day.  And I’m thinking I’ll only go two weeks gluten-free since I really don’t think gluten is the evil character a lot of people do.  (More on that later.) But I need a major purge from the overabundance of sugar and dairy I’ve been consuming and just a general reboot on the way I shape my menu each week and the way I think of food.  More soon, friends.  I’m hoping for oat flour banana pancakes in the morning if I can flip them with a baby on my hip!

One thought on “Dietary Cleanse, days 1-3

  1. Go you! I’m rebooting over here, too. That means lots lots lots more veggies and lean meats. I was feeling horrible for a bit, and it’s because the sugars and icky carbs crept back in. I’m not totally anti-carb like some, but certainly whole grains play a bigger part, etc. Good luck!

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