9 months old

Norah has officially been on the outside for as long as she was on the inside.  And just like that tiny bean grows so quickly to a full-grown baby, my tiny newborn has grown to an active little person.

9 months old

She crawls.  EVERYWHERE.  Much quicker than I’d like.  She has started pulling up on furniture very efficiently, and she even takes a few steps while holding on to the couch and shimmying her way down from one end to the next.  If she’s awake, she is never still.

9 months - out take

She was honestly never a huge fan of purees to begin with, but I think we have officially left those behind by now.  Pinches of beans or peas or soft bread or sautéed vegetables – she likes to carefully pick each piece and scrutinize it before eating it.  Punctuated with her slow smacking, this always cracks us up.

I’m pretty sure her first teeth are about to break through because she is red-cheeked and clingy and her poor gums look so swollen. She always looks like she is chewing imaginary bubble gum lately. Just chew chew chewing all the time. Poor girl. It made this month’s birthday photos a little difficult.

9 months - out take

How can we be fast approaching a first birthday?  That seems impossible.  But c’est la vie with babies.  These days are gone so fast.

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