finished projects

Last week felt a lot like treading water.  I’m happy to say both kids are much better now, but there was a lot of wiping noses and soothing fevers and delaying things like showers and meals for me in efforts to keep up.

I did manage to finish two knits though.  Knitting after bedtime was my sanity, and the reward doubled when I actually got to see finished results.

I finished a quick knit with this reversible cowl. I had some thick wool gifted to me, and I wanted to use it for something like this.

Reversible Cowl

And I am so happy to say that I finally finished my Henslowe shawl! I somewhat started this in December, but the holidays were crazy busy, and I couldn’t get much more than a few rows done without interruption. I picked it up again in January, and I finally finished up the edging on Friday. I love this yarn so much.




I’m not sure if I will look like an old lady when I wear a shawl, but I fully intend to wear it anyhow.

Henslowe Shawl

Large or small, a finished project of any kind feels so good, doesn’t it?

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