year in review, 2012

I’ve got some goals and ideas for the upcoming year, and I hope to get a minute to write about those sometime soon – if for no other reason than to clear my own head and hold myself a little more accountable.  Looking back on the past year has its merits too though, and I love to reminisce.

My favorite adventure: our trip to Paris in January.  I can’t believe it’s been a year.  I was 23 weeks pregnant and had a 2 year old in tow.  Plus a working husband for half the trip.  And freezing temperatures. Adventure doesn’t really do it justice.  But in the end, it was a really wonderful trip with some of my most favorite memories.
YIP January 2012

My favorite completed project:  the blanket I knit for Norah last spring.

My favorite moment:  this one.  hands down.

My favorite photo:  The one above is pretty awesome, but this one holds a special place for me as well.  (Thanks, Andrew Thomas Lee Photography.)

Favorite party:  I loved the black and white themed bridal shower I threw for my cousin, but this Mickey party was super fun, too.  (even though I did neglect to write a post on it!)

My favorite blog post:  This letter.  Of course.

I did not post here as often as I would have liked in 2012.  But I miss this space and the clarity that writing gives.  I hope to remedy that in 2013 as we settle in to a routine with two little ones, and I work to make time for all the things I love.

Cheers, friends!  Happy New Year.  Wishing you health and happiness for you and yours.

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