I’ve been knitting a lot lately.  A cowl for Jude’s teacher’s Christmas gift.  And I’m  one-down, one-to-go on a pair of mitts.  It feels so good when the kids are in bed at night and I’ve just been treading water all day, but then I can sit down and focus intently on something and have a tangible result to show for my efforts.


Because somehow even though “keep the kids alive” or “make and clean-up three meals a day” or ” nurse and nurture a growing baby” or “complete a million loads of laundry” are really time-consuming tasks, it can feel like such a blur when I try to remember what I actually accomplished that day. Making something with my own hands feels so rewarding sometimes.

The weather is cooling off quickly, and mornings are cold. Even I, with my usual disdain for chilly weather, am thinking this feels good.


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3 thoughts on “lately

  1. Those are beautiful!! A pattern like that would keep my attention, too. Beautiful yarn color – really nice work!

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