Catching Up

There are so many things I want to write about here, and the ideas flow in and out all the time.  But they float away before I have a spare second, and then weeks go by with silence here.  I hope to fix that someday.  But TIME?  I don’t know where it goes or how to get more of it these days.

I realized yesterday was Norah’s 6 month birthday, and I never even posted last month’s photo.  So here’s a little catching up.

Five months old.

5 months old

And here at six months old.

6 months old!

And my apologies for this photobomb, but we had a professional session done for the occasion (with Clearcreek Images), and I can’t resist posting these.  We used my old ballet tutu as a prop in a few.  I love the results so much.

Hall 027

Hall 033

Hall 035

Hall 036

Hall 042

Hall 043

Hall 057

Every stage has its merit, but this is my absolute favorite moment of babyhood. They are sturdy and full of personality, but you aren’t chasing them around yet. And the chub. Oh, my God, the chub. I love her.

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