Halloween and the Aftermath

We are candied-out over here, and the second head cold to hit the house this fall made it’s way to baby Norah and then to me and then to Jude.  So I have a sick little one on my hands and soup on the menu this week.  Plus a traveling husband and a toddler who is … well… three?  I guess that’s the best way you can describe him lately.

Ack!  I am feeling a little overwhelmed just reading that.

But Halloween was fun. We had a robot (Plex, for those of you who know him that way) and a tiny fairy. And Jude really loved trick-or-treating this year in a way he hasn’t before. It was so fun to watch.




I feel like it’s the official beginning of the holiday season in a way. When I flip the calendar to November, I see Thanksgiving and know Christmas is around the corner.  So much fun to be had!

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