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Two weeks ago was Disney World.  Then we come home to have Jude’s birthday a few days later.  Then his little preschool class celebrated his day on the 18th.  Then we had a Mickey-themed birthday party at our house on the 20th.  Then yesterday we spent time at a fall carnival at the local elementary school.

First cotton candy!

To say we haven’t been healthy eaters lately is such an understatement.  And I think I hadn’t realized how far I’d gone on the real-food-and-crunchy-healthy-eating spectrum until we spent a week at a theme park followed by a week of indulgent celebrations at home.  Oh, my unhappy body.


And in my opinion, it is no coincidence that Jude has had a random 24-hour fever, a tummy bug, AND a head cold in the past month or so.  Preschool germs are relentless, I know.  But eating junk can’t help that situation.  Throw in a little development spurt and the related sleep regression for Norah, and I am feeling worn and tired and just not up to par at all.  I’m so ready for a little return to normalcy.  [But then soon Halloween… and then Thanksgiving and then Christmas….so normal is not really that normal this time of year, is it?]


Anyway, I haven’t posted on food in a while, so I thought I’d share our dinner plan this week in my attempt to get us back on track.

Sunday – grilled tilapia, quinoa salad, roasted broccoli

Monday – Honey-Curry Chicken and brown rice

Tuesday – Butternut Squash Lasagna (my absolute favorite fall dish)

Wednesday – Husband has a work thing, and the lasagna makes great leftovers, so that’s probably the plan.

Thursday – homemade whole wheat pizza with proscuitto and red onions

Friday – My carpet is being cleaned at 2pm, so I’m thinking we’ll head out since I need to keep little feet off of it until it dries.  Maybe Indian food, I’m hoping?

Saturday – I’m hosting a bridal shower for my cousin, so more busy times and a leftover petit fours to tempt us. I think I’ll rely on something from my freezer to help me out that night.  Maybe baked ziti?




Anything good in your kitchen plans this week?

5 thoughts on “back on the train

  1. You’re such an awesome mom for connecting food with your kids’ health. Not surprising to me. Thanks for the recipes! I haven’t been successful with quinoa yet myself, but will try this one!

  2. I know EXACTLY what you’re talking about. Since I’ve been home more (job hunting, teaching online classes), we’ve continued on our healthier/realer food kick. The last time Greyson had McDonald’s that his grandmother treated him to, the results were NOT GOOD. My body is also quick to tell me when I’ve eaten too much junk these days.

    I made sweet and sour roast this weekend, so I’m going to shred that up and cook it with an enchilada sauce and frozen corn tonight for burritos. I have some chicken spaghetti in the freezer for the next time I need it, and we’re making lots of meals out of baked oatmeal, eggs, and fresh fruit lately.

    We definitely need to try out your Butternut Squash Lasagna. Greyson is not quick to eat his veggies, so any way I can sneak them in is a good thing. I’m beginning to think I should resort to homemade green smoothies. He loves babyfood puree combinations of fruit and vegetables, so it seems the next logical, healthy step to try the smoothies. Bring on the spinach and kale!

  3. OMG. Katie, I cooked the butternut squash lasagna tonight without any cheese or cream. Instead, I used tofu (cooked it in spices first) and soy creamer. The results were amazing! So delicious! I will definitely keep fine tuning the recipe.

    1. Oh yay! I’m so glad yo liked it. It really is one of my absolute favorite recipes. I’m impressed that you tried a vegan version. I am always scared of substituting, but that’s impressive!

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