four months old

It’s the 18th of the month which means we have another mini-birthday around here.  Sister is four months old.

four months

I’ve been bracing myself for the infamous four-month sleep regression that almost drove me crazy last time around, but it hasn’t happened yet.  I’m also not back at work like I was with Jude, so I’m thinking that’s probably part of it since she hasn’t had a major change or disruption in her daily schedule.  Or maybe as I type this, it’s about to happen. Since that’s the way it usually works.  Ha.

She is grabbing objects, and as you can tell here, she has found her hands.  She loves to chew on them and stare at them all day.  She also refused the swaddle last week, and we aren’t going back.  The spastic little arm reflex seems to be fading and mostly gone.

Sigh.  Not a newborn anymore.  But she is beautiful and smiley and fun.  We love her.

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