new start.

The past couple of weeks have flown by, and I’ve been busy doing something.  Although I think back on it, and I’m not really sure what I’ve been doing. A couple of playdates and get-togethers with teacher friends who are heading back to school.  A few Pinterest-inspired reorganization projects here at home.  Here and there I’ve somehow managed to be busy all the time.

Weekend before last, I finally did what I’d been saying I wanted to do and got  away for coffee and reading for two hours on a Sunday afternoon.


It was amazing how just a couple of hours refueled me for the week.  I got away for a much-needed hair trim last weekend, so I didn’t feel the need for my coffee-break as much then.  But I fully intend to make it a regular thing.  Time to myself leaves a little more of myself to share with some very special little ones.


The big event on our radar is Jude’s first week at preschool.  He is going two mornings a week at a Lutheran church close to our house, and we had our “Meet the Teacher” appointment and Open House last week.

posing for his name sign

Looking for shapes

Today was his first real day, and he was super excited this morning.  Low light left things a bit blurry on this one, but I love his happy smile.

all smiles!

I just got one quick shot as I dropped him off and he settled in to “table time” with some playdough.

Sitting down for table time.

In typical boy fashion, he won’t tell me much at all about his day.  All I can gather is that it was “fun” and he wants to go again.  Oh, and that he poo’d his pants and his teacher had to change him.  (Sigh.  Potty regression is a whole ‘nother big fat post.)  But he did “tee tee in da potty” in his words, so there is that!

The thing I loved so much about beginning the school year when I was a teacher was the clean slate feeling.  Clean desk, new rosters, often a new curriculum or added texts. I love a fresh start.  This summer has been lovely in that I’ve been with a tiny baby at such a precious time, but it also all feels like a blur, as expected for that first few months with a newbie.  The past two mornings have had the slight, teasing crispness of fall that sometimes happens on lucky August and September mornings in Georgia, and I made baked oatmeal for breakfast this morning.  I can feel a change of seasons coming and I’m ready to begin a new chapter.

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