squeezing it in

I’m up early, and both kids are still sleeping.  I’m online instead of showering which I might regret later today, but I’m trying to devote some time on the first of every month to get the photos from my phone and place them in monthly folders.  I’m thinking since 80% of my “photography” these days is with the iPhone, I need to actually keep up with them so poor Norah will have some pictures of her baby days in the future.

Some previously frozen Peach French Toast is baking in the oven, and the coffee is poured.  It’s silent.  I’m thinking starting my day like this might be even better than a shower.  And thank you, sleeping gods, that Jude is still snoozing and it’s past 6:30.  Thank you a million times over.

I’m determined to find a piece of time here or there to do things I need to do or I want to do.  It exists, I know it. Even staying home with two kids under three, I can chisel some time here or there.

On another note, I got out an actual camera during bath time yesterday.  Norah obliged me with her sassy face, a trait I love now and I will hate when she is 16.  Ignore the wine bottle and vitamins in the background.  Behold the cute.
bath time


One thought on “squeezing it in

  1. This photo is amazing! She is so alive and alert. And looks like she can’t wait to tell you how to do your job. Heehee. 🙂 Very sweet.

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