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I spent some time last night reorganizing my Pinterest boards when I was iPad-ing with a sleeping baby on my chest.  Why do I feel uninspired when I’m making the weekly dinner plan before grocery shopping, yet I have a million things pinned or filed in the back of my mind?  Sometimes the internet is big enough that I get a little lost or can’t find what I ran across ages ago.

Anyway, here are a few fun finds from this week:

This post from Simple Kids inspired me to get Jude playing when he wakes up.  I currently use the t.v. as a babysitter while I am making breakfast and dinner, but this would be a much better way to wake up everyday.

These peach enchiladas are a great afternoon snack.  I use one peach for me, plus a teaspoon of granulated honey as a sweetener.  Delicious.

I had one of these Coffee-Banana Smoothies for my mid-morning snack today, and there are 5 more waiting for me in my freezer.

Slow Cooker Marinara is on the agenda this week.  I am doubling this recipe to freeze a lot of it.  I needed a use for my oregano and basil that are getting pretty lanky in the window boxes this time of year.

I’m flattered that Lee Anne over at Her Own Way included a piece of an earlier interview with me about balance and creativity.  That little segment is here, and she has lots of good advice about how to nurture the creative soul in all of us.

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