one month old

We took monthly photos of Jude, and I love the results.  They weren’t always in the same location.  In fact, I think one of them was at a random sushi restaurant in Seattle as we were traveling on his nine-month “birthday.”  But just glancing at the calendar and reminding ourselves to take a photo of Jude on the 15th of every month showed me how quickly he was growing during that first year.  It was a fun little milestone.

And today is Norah’s one-month birthday.


I can’t believe it was one month ago that I pulled her tiny body from that water and held her for the first time.  To be honest, it feels way longer than one month, but not in a bad way really.  It just feels like she has always been a part of our family.

She still sleeps a lot, as newborns are expected to do.  But in this past week or so, she is super alert when she is awake.  It’s so fun to watch.  She is starting to do that little half-smirk smile and show us lots of sleep smiles, of course.  I am waiting for the first big real smile, and I think it is just around the corner.

I haven’t weighed her in two weeks, so I’m not so sure where she stands on that one, but she was ten pounds about two weeks ago, so I am guessing somewhere between eleven and twelve pounds.  She likes to eat!  And she already has those perfect little wrist rolls to prove it.


All in all, it has been a beautiful month, and I’m so excited for what the next few months hold. I forget how precious little babies are until I had the pleasure of doing it all again.  So many fun “firsts” right around the corner.

Cheers to one month, Norah!  Here’s to many more.

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