week one

Norah turned one week last night, and we celebrated with some extra cuddles. I love the way newborns just mold right to your own shape.


Postpartum has been unbelievably easier this time than last. I feel reasonably great excepting a little soreness and a couple tiny stitches. Breastfeeding is working out beautifully, and I’m having none of the issues I had before. The combination of experience as a mother and such a beautiful natural birth is leaving me feeling pretty confident as well. Such a stark contrast from last go around.

Having two kids at home brings the occasional challenge no doubt. Just last night, the baby woke up Jude, and it was two full hours before he could settle back down for sleep. It made for a rough, sleepy morning. But seeing the two of them together already makes my heart swell.



I’ve learned that I can drive myself crazy with Carpe Diem thoughts, especially in this role of motherhood with so much growth and change happening every moment. It’s impossible not to go there with a newborn though. These moments are so sweet and so fleeting.

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