Easter Fun

I have approximately ten things I should be doing since I have a quiet house and free hands at nap time.  But I hit the park this morning with some friends and their kids, and I am sadly realizing that 35 weeks pregnant means if I start my days at the park for a few sunny hours, I can’t promise much in the way of energy and productivity later.  So screw the to-do list today, I suppose.

We did have such a great weekend, despite my waning energy level.  I made a great new cake recipe from one of my newer cookbooks.  For once, it looked every bit as yummy as it tasted.


And we packed in two egg hunts and some fun time with Jude’s cousins.

egg hunting

egg hunting

Spiderman Egg!

It was a busy weekend but such a great day, and it feels like springtime is moving fast onto summer.  I’ve sort of told myself that I don’t really have to worry much about our new arrival until the weather gets warm, and I’ve even explained it that way to Jude a few times.  Now April is quickly making way for May, and I still feel like I have so much left  to accomplish before she gets here.  My list is growing longer, not shorter, as I think of more things I’d like to do.  Our calendar has been super busy lately as well which isn’t helping matters, but it is making things move along quickly, I guess.  I have a great weekend in store:  dinner with good friends on Friday evening and a college reunion of sorts on Saturday.  Then social commitments halt until my due date about a month later.  All in all, I am feeling excited and not quite ready which sure beats drained and bored and totally ready and just waiting on labor. I’m sure that will happen soon enough as well though.  Ha!

Happy Monday, friends.  Hope your week is a good one and your springtime is happy.

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