the art of doing nothing. or something.

I feel like it’s definitely overkill to open yet another post with “where does the time go?” It feels like a confessional booth in too many ways lately – forgive me it’s been fourteen days since my last post.  I’m asking myself for forgiveness on this issue though because I’ve wanted so badly to savor this pregnancy – not knowing if or when I’ll do this again.  I wanted to take it slowly and enjoy a last few months as a family of three and a mother of only one.

And I have no idea what is getting in the way of writing in this space.  Jude gets up early now, so I don’t have the early morning solo time I did when he was a baby.  Plus I have been very good (patting myself on the back) about exercising regularly this pregnancy.  I’m on the treadmill four or five days a week.  And the only way that happens is that as soon as I get him down for an afternoon nap, I head to the treadmill as a first priority, and then by the time I get off of it, I’ve got phone calls to make and housework to do and yada yada before he wakes up.  So I haven’t been doing what I am doing right this second – which is skipping my treadmill routine for the day to write or reflect.  But today started with chasing him around a large playground for an hour or so, and it’s approaching 80 degrees here in Georgia (in March?!) so this 32-week pregnant belly said no to my treadmill today.  And yes to a little writing again.

I turned 31 years old last week, or I guess it was almost two weeks ago.  I had every intention to write a birthday post of some kind – commemorating 31 things I love right now or 31 reasons I’m grateful or 31 things I’ve done this year.  But it didn’t happen.  I did a lot though, I realize as I look back.  I went to Costa Rica, spent time in Vancouver, saw Paris with my little family.  I welcomed another pregnancy and thus have gained a few pounds, but with good reason, I suppose.

I started milling my own grains and baking my own bread, which clearly makes me sound like a crazylady, but I love that I eat things I wouldn’t have eaten a year ago and pay more attention to what goes in my body than I ever have in years past.  I finished a ton of craft projects and wrote a lot here, until the past few months when I haven’t.

I’ve done a lot when I really look back and think about it.  But it feels like you’ve done nothing if you don’t stop and think, no?  And that’s why I miss this space so much.  We do little things all the time that seem so much bigger when I take the time to write them down or take a photo.


Lots of lunches outside lately.

Some Lego building.

Finishing some little projects for the nursery.

Becoming reacquainted with porch sittin’ after a winter of hibernating.

There is a lot to love about springtime, especially with such a potent reminder in our house right now that new life is headed this way in something like eight weeks.  Eight weeks?  How is that possible?  Soon I hope I’m moving past the panic mode and in to the feathering-my-nest mode.  When I think about the first few weeks with my firstborn, all I really needed was diapers, boobs, and a few clothes and blankets, right?  All that is taken care of, so I hope to enjoy these last two months looking on to the fun stuff.  And writing more here, I hope.  I love that feeling of looking back at life when it was so different, right before a new change occurs.  And I want to have some things to look back on to assure me that I actually did something in the spring of 2012.  Park time and ice cream and outside dining as a family of three counts as something very special these days.  Changes coming soon, my friends!

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