spring cleaning and some last winter hibernation

March is so schizophrenic here in Georgia.  Last Friday our temperatures reached close to 80, and the skies were so sunny.  Cue some bad storms and tornado activity late that night, and then this weekend was windy and no higher than the 50’s.  My mood always tends to mirror all this.  Last Thursday, we ushered in March with tee shirts and a stop for ice cream.

Then last Sunday had us couch-bound with a bowl of soup.  It’s winter’s last hoorah of sorts, and as much as I hate cold weather, I can handle it once the calendar says March because it means springtime is on the way.  Cadbury eggs and marshmallow Peeps are out, and I’m getting an urge to clean.

We shopped a bit at the outlet malls this weekend, and I found a huge comfy bed quilt at Pottery Barn for about half of what is expected for it.  Never underestimate the effect of new bedding and rearranging furniture.  Old things made new again.

Other than that, I’m working on some last nursery crafts and having some adventures in potty learning, which is a topic for a whole other post.  Learning new skills is rarely easy, I guess.  Whether you are big or small.  Or that’s the mantra I tell myself as I wipe up pee on a daily basis.

Happy March, y’all!

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