separation anxiety. pubic bone pain. and other fun stuff.

A few times in the past weeks I’ve had a number of ideas swirling in my head and wanted to write here.  My days are lacking bigger blocks of time lately it seems.  So I haven’t followed through on these plans.  I hate letting too much time pass without a word here, though.  It seems far less like a journal when I do that.

So the furniture is delivered, and Norah’s room is painted.  Hopefully we can get the crib assembled this weekend, and then I’m going to measure and attempt to sew the curtains and crib skirt myself.  We’ll see how that goes.  Also on the pregnancy front, I have developed some SPD, and it hurts in a way that makes me nervous for the next 13 or more weeks.  I mean if I felt that pain when I was two weeks shy of my due date, I wouldn’t mind, but I just hope it doesn’t get much worse.  Getting out of the car or out of my bed makes me wince.  I found an awesome chiropractor who specializes in pregnancy though, so I’m really hoping it’s something she can help with. I’ve been really consistent with exercise this go-around, but I took a couple of days off this week because thirty minutes on the treadmill sounds like torture when I end up holding my crotch and hobbling every evening anyhow.  This might be my pay-back for a first pregnancy that included little to no discomfort at all.  But you know what?  If a totally different pregnancy means a totally different delivery, I am completely okay with it.

In addition to a shape that changes daily and various new wonders (ha) of pregnancy that show up as these weeks pass, I have a boy who reminds me on a daily basis how much he is growing and changing. We got rid of the beloved pacifier a few weeks ago.  A trip to Build-a-Bear so he could put the paci in a stuffed animal seemed like a good idea.

The first nap sans paci was rough, but he came around and loves on his bunny or special blanket when he’s sleepy now.  Or his mama, which is a whole other post in the realm of separation-anxiety-getting-out-of-control these days.  I’m hoping that this completely normal and expected phase will pass in the months ahead.

We also spent yesterday morning touring a little preschool he’s probably going to attend next year.  They have an “early threes” class that meets only two mornings a week and sounds perfect.  As much as I love learning with him here at home, I understand how different life will be come May.  No more mornings to focus only on Jude the way we are used to it now.

It was so sweet seeing their little backpacks lined up on named pegs and the tiny little classrooms where everything is toddler-height.  There was a music class going on when we were there, and the teacher asked if he’d like to join in.  He obliged her and found himself dancing and playing along with he others for a few minutes.  I felt simultaneously proud and sad watching him.  Ah, motherhood.  We are always being pulled in different directions, it seems.

His emerging independence and capabilities are cause for both joy and heartache.  But that’s the way it goes with most of the good stuff in life, I think.

Hope you are surviving the February doldrums with some fun things in store.  We made Valentine cookies this week, and I froze half the batch of dough.  I’m thinking I’ll probably save it for a dreary day in the coming weeks and we can make them for no reason at all.  After a busy week, my only plan tonight is a huge pot of soup.  Happy weekend!

2 thoughts on “separation anxiety. pubic bone pain. and other fun stuff.

  1. Sorry about the SPD, I had that too and it was no fun. I didn’t know what it was at first, but when I looked up the symptoms on line it was to a tee what I was experiencing. For me the worst was putting on shoes.The chiropractor sounds like a great idea. Fortunately mine got better with time, not worse, so hopefully it will be the same for you.

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