phone dump and stream of consciousness, Parisian edition

It is cold here for my Georgia bones, but the sun is helping us out a bit when we aren’t on old, shaded streets.

We meandered through Montmarte yesterday morning, stopping for the Sacre Coeur and a few street musicians and lunch and a carousel ride. So many steps, of course, and my pregnant hips were aching so much last night. It was worth it though, I think.

We made an ill-timed trip to the Eiffel Tower last night, too. Not bad timing except that I had all these ideas for photos that would happen, but Jude napped until 5, and I know better than to mess with a toddler and his sleep.  So by the time we were bundled up and off the metro, it was really dark. Too dark for the iPhone unfortunately, but a couple might have made it on my real camera. He insisted “a monster” lived at the top, and I didn’t argue.

This morning we stumbled on Victor Hugo’s house in the Marais, and we were equally happy to stumble on a park with a sandbox. Jude yelled, “I wanna play dirt, mama!!”

It’s funny the things we are indulging him with. I’m happy it’s a city I have visited before, so I don’t feel I’m missing out on much really. I’ve done the big museums and the historical sights. But the carousels? They’re a first for me.  (And OMG do the French love their carousels. It’s crazy how many there are.)

I’ve had my own indulgences, too. I had a Nutella crepe with lunch today. And tonight we’ll wear mittens and hats again to do some souvenir shopping. More soon, reader.

4 thoughts on “phone dump and stream of consciousness, Parisian edition

  1. Yesterday my dad shared a website with me called One of the places I visited was the Eiffel Tower. It was dark there so I couldn’t see people walking around and I wondered if anyone was there. It turns out that you were!

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