bonjour. we made it.

We’re here safely in Paris!  The flight was delayed an hour or so, but Jude did pretty well.  I, on the other hand, could not get comfortable.  So I felt pretty tired when we landed here on Sunday morning.  I joined Jude for an afternoon nap though (an idea I always thought was a sin against jet lag), and after a shower and a walk in some cool air, I was good.

I wasn’t quite sure how a two-year-old who is normally an early bird would deal with such late dinners here, but he’s adjusting like a champ.  The late sunrise characteristic of Paris winter is helping him sleep late, and he’s indulging in some marathon naps as well.  It’s making for a happy kid when he’s awake though, so I’m letting him sleep when he wants.

We are in the business district until later this week, and then we move to another hotel more central to the city.  I start every day with coffee and a croissant and a birds-eye view of the ants walking busily to work outside my window.

This sea of black business suits and hurried pace is so incredibly different from the Paris I remember visiting years ago.  No lazy lunches or quiet cafe conversation or iron balconies.  It’s all stark and functional and busy.  At least to this outsider it seems so.

We are strolling a bit and window shopping and enjoying the food but also spending more time in the hotel than I’d like – at least until Scott gets back in the early evenings. My inability to use the Ergo with a 33 pound toddler at this stage of pregnancy combined with the stairs sprinkled in every Metro station leave me confined to the walkable area outside the hotel.  But in ways it’s a nice little vacation before our real vacation begins after the work week, I suppose.   I get to read or knit or catch a nap while Jude sleeps in the room which is nice. I think I’m catching up on two years of missed sleep, and my nap-loving pregnant self is happy with that.  We’re using the few toys I packed as well. The ziplock full of Legos and hot wheels were a good idea.

All in all, it feels good to breathe on the other side of the ocean for a little while, and I’m counting down the days until the work week ends and we explore some more.  I’ll check in later with some more phone photos.  We strolled to the Arc de Triomphe last night and ate dinner there.  I could see the Eiffel Tower shimmering a little in the distance, but the phone camera didn’t do it justice, and my real camera cord is at home.  C’est la vie.  We’ll have to wait on the real pictures.  I’ll write more soon, friends.

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