Big day!

There are so many fun and exciting things happening here lately, and I am not always taking the time to post like I should.  We took a break from the shopping and baking and wrapping and playing to check in with my doctor for the big 20-week anatomy scan.  I’m really at 19 weeks, but they scheduled me a week early since the official 20 week mark falls in the busy holiday week.  We were not surprised at all to hear the ultrasound technician say, “It’s a girl!” But that didn’t make it any less exciting.

Blog Edit - cropped name

It’s probably just the timing since this ultrasound is about nine-ish days before mine was in my first pregnancy, but her little profile really does look so different than Jude’s did.  This baby wasted no time at all showing us what she was because probably 20 seconds after we started looking in, she did this.
It's a girl!! - BLOG EDIT

There was lots of other movement, and except for a moment when I had to roll over a bit to make her show us the back of her head and top of her spine, she was really cooperative.  I do find myself asking, “Are they sure it’s a girl?” in a way I didn’t with my son.  Maybe that’s because you are sort of looking at the absence of something, and not the presence.  But she jumped around A LOT during the ultrasound, so I’m feeling pretty sure we have a correct guess here. That first shot was also clear enough, even for my layman eyes, that I think I might have been a bit disappointed if I didn’t want to know the sex of the baby.  Her froggy legs jumped around a good bit in that position, and I was thinking I didn’t see anything in between them before the ultrasound tech told us the “official” word.

And all those old wives’ tales about pregnancy?  They’ve all been true for me.  Maybe it’s a coincidence, but I’ve felt so incredibly different with this pregnancy.  My nausea first trimester was much more pronounced.  My fatigue lasted longer.  My face broke out like an adolescent for three straight months which never happened with my son.  My boobs ached so intensely from the very beginning that they convinced me to take a pregnancy test a full week before my period was even due.  With my last pregnancy, I needed to shop for larger bras about one month before I delivered, most likely just from general water weight.  But with this one?  New bras by week eight. It’s like anything hormonal is on overdrive with this pregnancy, and though I spent years assuming I’d have two boys for some reason, I’ve been expecting this girl news since about month two.  I’ve heard the saying that girls steal their mother’s beauty during pregnancy, and friends, I am here to tell you that’s true.  I look at photos of myself during Jude’s pregnancy, and I was glowing – best skin and hair ever.  This go-around, I feel tired and frumpy rather than beautiful. Oh well, small price to pay for a new little life.

In spite of our assurance for months that we were having a girl, there has been much discussion on boy names in this house – primarily just because we absolutely could not settle on one.  I had a favorite, and Scott did too, but we didn’t see eye-to-eye.  We finally found a common ground with another name we both liked and couldn’t find a middle name that worked with it.  A girl name though?  I think we’ve been settled since before I even took the home pregnancy test.  Funny how that works.
19 weeks

So this is real, folks!  I’m having a baby, and she looks healthy, and I’m having a GIRL which will be so different in many ways, but also just the same.  I’ve got a million other thoughts swirling in my mind about having a daughter, and I hope to write on those in the coming weeks.  For now though, just soaking up the good news and being grateful for a healthy baby kicking in my belly.  So much love and anticipation makes for a really great holiday season.

Much love to you and your families as well.   I’m off to finish up a few crafty Christmas gifts and cook a little in the next few days.  And maybe buy something tiny and pink.  Have a happy Christmas!

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